Thursday, December 15, 2016

Stop Trying to Make Sauteed Cucumbers Happen. They’re Not Going to Happen.

Gentle reader, I have this super weird favorite taste combination. I like to sautee slices of English cucumber in butter and curry powder. I further like to put them between two flour tortillas with some cream cheese and smoked turkey, and cook that like a quesadilla. And I swear to God, contrary to what you might think, turkey is the only thing smoked in the making of this pseudodilla.

Okay, fine. I know you’re never going to try this, because it sounds totally gross. But.

Sometimes I do a raw version where I just dust the cucumber slices with curry powder and roll them up in one tortilla with the turkey (you could also use ham instead of/in addition to the turkey) and then slice it into four pieces that look like sushi when you turn them upside on the plate. This is a pretty decent appetizer for a party, if you ask me.

But you probably won’t ask me, since I just destroyed my credibility by declaring my love for curried sautéed cucumbers in a flour tortilla.

I guess I have nothing to lose by admitting that I added arugula and American cheese to this particular mix. Seriously, nothing else was smoked!

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