Friday, December 30, 2016

Adventures in Slow Cooking, Part III: Red Cabbage with Onions

So upon returning from a lovely Chrismakkuah holiday in Massachusetts (during which I had the requisite bowl of clam chowdah at the Union Oyster House and the requisite healthy salad at the Ninety-Nine), I had very little viable food in my fridge, but felt the need to immediately get back on the slow-cooker horse. So on Tuesday I fished out of the fridge:

  • Half a head of red cabbage
  • A pat of compound butter (leftover from my holiday party—as was the cabbage—you could also use regular butter and some fresh herbs, I kind of wish I’d had some)
  • One quarter wedge of a huge yellow onion
  • A half-full (or, if you’re pessimistic, half-empty) bottle of Corona

I diced the onion, cut the cabbage into six wedges, and cut the butter into about four dabs. Then I poured the beer into the slow cooker, added the butter and some coarse kosher salt, added the onions, and scattered the cabbage on top—above the liquid, because I was being experimental and about $1 worth of ingredients were at stake, if that. I put the slow cooker on low at 7:45 AM.

Later that day, I went grocery shopping, and purchased bone-in pork chops (the thin-sliced kind with some dark meat and a decent amount of fat) and potatoes. I rubbed the pork chops with a spice rub, and mashed the potatoes with sour cream. I served the cabbage with these, and it was pretty good, except the texture was a bit leathery and the lovely purple color of the cabbage was kind of grayish. (This is why I do not have a proper picture.) I had originally planned to add bacon to the cabbage, which would have been nice, but the evening got away from me, IDK.

Overall it was a pretty successful (and cheap) side dish, but I probably shouldn’t have cooked it as long as I did, and I might have added a little stone-ground mustard and apple cider vinegar to perk up the flavor. Live and learn—that’s what experimenting is for!

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