Thursday, July 14, 2011

Massive Errata

Dear Readers,

I am embarrassed to say that for the past many weeks, the veggie item I thought were RAMPS are actually garlic SCAPES.

I am also pleased that I learned something, and thanks to Sarah Nolan for setting me straight last night when I brought her some pickled... Scapes! It's funny, I am thinking back on all the recipes I looked up for ramps, it might be fun to try them with actual ramps...



  1. lol that is just fucking awesome, i love that you just owned it. didn't we always say that what would set us apart from the bajillions of other food blogs was that we talk openly about our mistakes!! And hey, were the dishes you made any less delicious?

  2. haha the "fail" label will just grow in size over time. love it!