Friday, July 1, 2011

Breakfast for 4!

hello readers, happy july!

In celebration of this great month and this great holiday (holla 4 days off in a row!) I have a bevvy of beautiful ladies hanging out. My sister is in town, her friend Kelly is in town, and Tamah came over to hang. With a morning hangout coming, I was racking my brain over what to put on the table. We couldn't go out to eat, as I had a roof guy coming over to check out the situation up there, and August coming to drop over her keys so i can do some kitty-sitting this weekend, hence the home hang-out time. I didn't have a ton in my fridge, but I did have eggs, I had some greens from my CSA, and I had a couple of tomatos. I was going to start from there.

I cleaned some CSA greens (spinach and swiss chard) and chopped up some onion (about 1/4) and garlic scapes (scapes were CSA as well). I rummaged around in the fridge and saw i had some andouille sausage, so i cut a link of that into small pieces as well. I cut up 1 tomato (although in hind-sight i should have also done the second tomato).

I put about 2 tablespoons of olive oil into a large frying pan, and when the oil was hot, i threw in the onions and scapes. I salted and pepper-ed them lightly, and let them cook down until they were slightly softened. I added the chopped andouille- I should note, this was pre-cooked packaged sausage- if you are using raw sausage, it will need to go in the pan earlier (with the onion) and cook longer. Once the onions and sausage were soft, i added the tomatos, and about 1 minute later, added the greens (it was about 2 handfuls of spinach and swiss chard) along with some crushed red pepper for some kick.

While the greens wilted, I cracked 6 eggs (there were 4 of us for breakfast) into a bowl, and beat them with my awesome hand mixer that I picked up at an estate sale last summer. I like the hand mixer better than a whisk for this, because it beats the eggs nicely and doesn't splatter them everywhere.

Once the greens were wilted, I added the eggs, and salted and peppered the whole kit and caboodle. While the whole pan cooked, I turned the broiler on in the oven, and once the eggs were a bit set, but the top still liquid-y, i put the entire pan in the oven to set the top. I realized I had some left over grated cheese from our pesto dinner the night before, so i sprinkled that on top of the pan. After about 5 minutes the eggs were set, I grabbed a pot holder, grabbed the frying pan, and brought it to the table.

The verdict was "delicious!" It was great to use so much of my CSA bounty, and eggs are a great vehicle.

Happy breakfast everyone!


  1. Didn't know what a ramp was, and trying to find out I actually found a ramp message board on the Google Machine. One guys said this: "Only eat them if you plan to spend the next week with others who have also - no one else will be able to stand your odor or you won't be able to stand others odor if you don't eat them and they do." Rebuttal?

  2. this guy has a strange metabolism. or was he eating them raw? If you sautee them, they're fine.
    I do admire his passion. Anyone who dislikes something so much that they go on a message board to decry it is impressive.

  3. There's a huge backlash against ramps because they are to foodies what trucker hats were to hipsters... the icon of obnoxious pretention. It's up there with the "bikelash" in the Brooklyn culture wars.

  4. to wit: read the comments