Wednesday, May 19, 2010

just a little tip- add chorizo!

hi everyone,
it has been a hectic couple of weeks, doing some freelance work, traveling a bit, and in the midst of it all, i got pretty sick. when i'm too busy to go to the grocery store, i fall back on my pantry.
today i arrived home, still congested, after a whirlwind trip down to Orlando to watch the Celtics take game two of the Eastern Conference finals!

Sorry, I digress.

I got home, and with only a few hours before heading out to tutor and getting a haircut, needed something to eat, and grabbed a can of soup. I wasn't happy about having to eat a can of soup, and a "Healthy Choice" low sodium, can of soup at that. I needed to eat it, but I also needed to jazz it up a bit, so I grabbed some chorizo that I had in the fridge, cut it into little pieces, threw it into the pot, crushed a clove of garlic in there, and then added the can of soup.
I know that with the addition of chorizo, it was no longer low sodium, or the "healthiest" according to the label, but it was much tastier, and I felt satisfied.

Remember, you can doctor up prepared sauces, soups, salads, anything, with the tools you have in your kitchen- sautee a little onion and garlic, and then add the jar of pasta sauce, or even a can of crushed tomatoes, and you've got a much fresher tasting, more satisfying option. The key is keeping a stocked pantry and being creative with what you've got when you are working with prepared foods.

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