Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kitchen Tip: Chopping Cherry Tomatoes

Here is a tip for easily halving cherry or grape tomatoes, a staple for summer salads—and also awesome in omelets, sandwiches, pasta, et al. These small tomatoes can be squirmy and annoying, but I’ve figured out a trick for cutting them easily. Doing so is worth it, because no matter what you’re eating, biting into a whole cherry/grape tomato and having it splurt all over you is annoying; plus, the flavor integrates more easily when they’re chopped. (Food freak though I am, I stand by the priority order of these reasons; do I need a dry-cleaning bill? No.)

So. Anyhoo. If you have a cutting board with a ridge around the edge, like a little moat, line your tiny tomatoes along this edge. (If you don’t, you can buy one very cheaply and it will come in handy for this and many other reasons.)

Gently pinch the first tomato in line between your thumb and forefinger, and draw the knife through it to slice it in half (preferably with a serrated, or bread, knife), continuing down the line to all your tomatoes.

There are doubtless millions of other uses for said halved tomatoes. Please leave them in the comments.

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